Josh Vs. Earth

Every once in a while I miss my xanga.

Usually I just shrug the feeling off and post a facebook update or I tweet or some such nonsense, but I’m starting to realize that there has been a blog-sized hole in my heart since I let my poor xanga die. I miss the comment wars, I miss the wordiness, I miss the angsty, self-righteous ramblings. I miss feeling like I had an audience, and that my opinions were important.

I know better now.

But I’m going to do it again anyway. EVIL LAUGHTER.

I’m going to use this space to write about my adventures on my path toward complete world DOMINATION, mostly via film-making.  I may also write reviews, short essays, and short stories. Also I will maybe ruminate on strange topics that are only interesting to me. If that happens, I need you to DEAL WITH IT.





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