Josh vs. Blogging

I haven’t done this for a while. I think part of it is that my thoughts aren’t always so internet-shaped, but being newly-married and living in a basement with bad internet service definitely doesn’t make blogging any easier. But here I am, I’m back. Here’s my recent past, bitches.

WEDDING – I got married (to Alexia, don’t pronounce the ‘i’) about two months ago, and I feel like our cultures’ claim that  marriage is boring, weddings are awesome is entirely inaccurate. Weddings are where people stare at you while you’re in strange clothes. Marriage is where two people team up against grown-up life, and get to hold hands. I’m definitely much more designed for married life than I am weddings.

SMORGASBORD SWEDENBORG FOUNDATION –  Darwin and I have been doing these interview spots for this Swedenborgian publishing company. The equipment’s low-end, and the shoots get rushed, but we’re getting paid, and we’re completely in charge. It’s professional work, and it looks good on a resume, which is what I need right now.

WORK – I’m looking for it. I’ve been collecting listings for Patch, but I don’t think that’s long for this world, and it has nothing to do with what I’m supposed to be doing. I’ve been emailing, calling, stalking film companies and begging for work, but I hardly get a response, let alone a job. I even have a website ( and business cards to throw at people, but there’s just no hiring that I can find. I’m looking for New York or Philly, if you know any openings.

WRITING – At least I’m writing! At least I was writing, before my macbook crashed, that is. Now I have 19 pages of the world’s only pure action movie , 23 pages of a magical-realist drama about a child losing his reality, and a complete pilot for a tv show about cops and super-villains ( I have a pdf of that, though. If you want a look, give me your email), all locked away in what might be a busted hard drive. I have a guy coming tomorrow, and we might save the stuff. I replaced the computer already, with a classy Windows 7 laptop. I’m pleasantly surprised by it, but maybe I’m just happy to have a space-bar again (My macbook’s hasn’t worked for a year).

Anyway, that’s what the past two months looked like. I promise I’m going to try to stay on the ball from here on. PEACE.


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