Hey guys. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but all I do is write write write no matter what, and I figured my loyal blog readers should get some of that magic. Today, as a sort of teaser, I’m going to transcribe for you a story I wrote in high school for a vocab test. You will probably be able to tell that I was young at the time of writing (Junior Year) and you will definitely be able to tell it was a vocab assignment, but here you go.


A Perfect Night

          It is not viable to accurately vivify an event that I have never experienced, especially considering the stories I’ve heard. No one can vilify the Prom like my mother. That’s largely why I’m not bitter that I’ve never been. Fortunately, I have a lively imagination.

          It was a perfect night for Stan and Erin. Everything was beautiful; the paved roads became symbolic of their future together, the school looked like a romantic castle, the clouds became dreams. Stan, usually a quiet fellow, became a jocular man, taking every chance to wittily laud his girl. But there was no levity in him. He was in love.
Erin, a total hottie though too meticulous for my liking (that’s why she dumped me), rarely falls for sycophants like Stan, but even she was in that torpor that can only be brought on by love. They were walking to prom themselves because Stan, being the ‘sensitive guy’ that he is, thought it was more romantic.
When they met up with the rest of my ‘friends’,  they doubtless discussed how little they missed me, and how wise of Stan it was to steal Erin from me, and countless other things designed to nullify the effect I had on their lives. They might as well never had heard my name, I am that useless! And, on this friggin’ PERFECT NIGHT, just to top it off, he kissed her! That’s right, my ‘best friend’ Stan kissed the girl of my dreams. And she kissed him back.
Thanks a lot, Mom, for saving me from that lurid example of high school behavior. You saved my life. Like I have a life any more. I’m gonna go listen to Dashboard Confessional.


My teacher (Mr. Umile, for those in the know) has only one note and it was in reference to the final sentence.

He wrote, “Is that the answer?”

Dashboard Confessional is always the answer.


I like how you can see that I totally blew all my vocab words in the first half. I guess I just wanted to get them over with. I have to admit I made a couple changes in the transcription to make it make more sense, but it’s still pretty true to my 11th grade style.

I hope you enjoyed. I think I’ll give you a poem next.


One thought on “WORDS!

  1. I’d like to point out that this story is not based on true events. No one stole your girlfriend, and you went to both of your proms and both of her proms together, and then you got married and lived happily ever after. But the real story involves less drama and vocabularity.

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