A Tale of Great Import

More old writing to keep y’all entertained. Because, you know, you rely on me for that. This one’s a children’s story, also from high school senior year.

Also just changed around the way my site looks! Lemme know what you think!


A Tale of Great Import

          King Lion thought the world revolved around him. He told everybody what to do, and if they didn’t do it, he would ROAR at them. He spent his days lounging in his kingly hammock, yelling at all the other animals.
“Rabbit! Stop hopping around and fan me!”
“Squirrel! Stop running around and fetch me some lemonade!”
“Ducks! Stop splashing around! You got me wet! I hate water!”

          See? King Lion would always complain, even though he had it the best of all the animals. He had a soft hammock in the shade of two trees, a beautiful view of the river, a good job, a fast car, and plenty of money. He though he was the most important animal in the whole world, and he made sure everybody else thought so too. He made sure they never forgot.

          When the animals asked him why he bossed them around, he reminded them again.
“Why do you boss us around all the time?”
“Because I am more important than you.”
“Oh,” the animals muttered, staring up at the big, scary lion’s sharp claws and teeth. “We guess you are.”
Then Lion, worn out from all that talking, promptly went to sleep.
The animals left and began to talk amongst themselves.
“I’m tired of being told what to do,” Rabbit said, hopping mad.
“I’m tired of getting him lemonade,” Squirrel chattered, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and oh so angry.
“We just want to swim,” the Duck family quacked, with foul looks on their faces.
And so the animals decided they were fed up with being told they were unimportant, and set off to show Lion exactly how important they were.

Now, King Lion was a heavy sleeper, and had heard nothing of the animals’ talk. In fact, he was sleeping so heavily that he didn’t even notice when they began to tip his hammock. Alone, one animal might not be able to tip the fat lion, but they were together, and they tipped him right over. They weren’t afraid of the bully any more.
When Lion landed with a loud thump he awoke from his dream about flying, stood up, and began to ROAR. The animals knew that he wasn’t any more important or powerful than they were, so Rabbit kicked him. King Lion clutched his wounded knee and hopped up and down like Rabbit himself, except Lion was roaring and Rabbit didn’t usually roar when he hopped. Then Lion saw the angry squirrel and the other animals beside it. The mean ol’ Lion scampered away from all those animals, running just like Squirrel would run after a nut, except Lion was running away from Squirrel. Lion stopped at the river, out of breath (this was the most exercise he;d had in years), and rested for a whole second before the Duck family pushed him in. He splashed around like a duck and got all wet before he swam to the other side and ran far, far away.

The end


          And that’s the story of the People’s revolution.

Or something. I don’t know if that’s what I was going for, but it kinda feels that way.

Any way, my teacher loved this story so much she had me and a couple other creative writers go to our school’s nursery and read them aloud. It was a disaster. This is because I am gigantic and hairy, and the children thought I was the boogeyman there to eat them. I get this a lot. Once, while working at the Dollar Tree, I overheard a child saying, “Mommy, this store has an ogre!” My performance as Goliath once drove a small child to tears.

These reactions mean I eat a lot of children. One doesn’t want to disappoint.


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