If gangsters gangst, do baristas barist?

Do gangsters gangst? I don’t remember. I’m sure it was in the textbook.

But if baristas barist, then I’ve been baristing for a while now. I’ve been working at Starbucks for a little more than seven months, and I’m getting pretty nerdy about coffee. I never thought I’d be nerdy about coffee, since I don’t actually like coffee that much.
I like milk and sugar, though, and those go well enough with coffee that it all works out. Another thing that goes well with coffee is writing.

Man, I’ve been doing a lot of that. I know it doesn’t look like it to you poor blog followers, who have no idea what I’m up to ever, but there’s a reason for that. The reason is that I am up to exactly one thing, and that is the writing of my first full novel.
I started it about the same time I started my job, and then completed the first draft around Christmas time. Now I’m almost done the second draft, and then there’ll be a third draft, and eventually I’ll have the balls to actually send it to people. Eventually.

I’ll tell you a bit about it, since you asked. It’s about Agnes Queen, a twelve-and-sixty-six-seventy-thirds-year-old mad scientist.
Well she’s not mad, per say, but she’s getting madder and madder every day, especially since her latest invention was stolen from right under her nose. All she wanted to do was create a machine that would make her happy, something that would help her get through seventh grade without too much hassle. But now that it’s gone, it’s all that she can do to bring it back, and she’s becoming more and more certain that happiness is more trouble than it’s worth.

It’s intended as a children’s book, though I’m sure that people who aren’t children will find things to enjoy about it. The second draft is getting close to 90,000 words (approx. 360 pages) and I’m getting pretty excited about it.
So, of course, that means I’m getting distracted more and more often of late, and that means I’ve got other stories bouncing around inside me. Maybe I’ll tell you about them later.

For now, I’m just living the Starbucks barista cliche: bearded college-educated hipster with a wealth of useless knowledge and opinions and an unpublished manuscript in his desk drawer.
I’m thinking I might reclaim this blog as an outlet for the useless stuff, so maybe I can actually stay focused on the important stuff.

For now, I have to run; Agnes is waiting for me with her arms crossed, and I think she’s getting angry.


One thought on “If gangsters gangst, do baristas barist?

  1. The word “gangster” is formed somewhat the same way “hipster” and “youngster” are: one who has the quality of being gang, hip or young as the case may be. The word “barista” is maybe Italian, but reminds me of the Spanish “Sandinista”, one who follows Sandino, or the slang “fashionista,” a dedicated follower of fashion. SOO I don’t think you “barist,” I think you ARE a dedicated follower, nay, an expert, of the (coffee) bar. This linguistic analysis is confirmed by independent observations by multitudes of secret shoppers who confirm that the Starbucks at 5Points and 3 rules, and that @JoshSpaceCole in turn rules that Starbucks!

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