Inanimate Objects

I have a theory about them.

I think they hate us.

This theory has nothing to do with my inherent oafish clumsiness, nor the advanced entropy field that can be proven to surround me. These things only helped to expose the true nature of our inanimate oppressors.
Every one is a victim. Their war on us has been one of attrition; made up of paper cuts, torn fingernails and spilled drinks.

I wonder if they do this because they’re jealous of our vitality. There are faiths that believe that everything has a spirit, even rocks and stuff. They don’t mention if these spirits are nice.
I’d venture that if bad people are reborn as flies, it must take a really despicable sort to be reborn as a rock.

This would be the sort of person that’s really in to stubbing toes.


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