I’m Just Sayin’

No one seems to understand what “free speech” means. It doesn’t mean you can say anything to anyone with impunity. It’s not a shield against political correctness or the growing SJW horde. It doesn’t even mean your boss can’t fire you for the nonsense you spew.

In fact, all it means is that cops aren’t supposed to arrest you over the stuff you say, and even that’s no guarantee.

Where I see it misused the most is when somebody says something crazy dumb, and then gets called out for it. They cower and shout free speech, forgetting that the person calling them out is exercising that same right. Just because you’re allowed to say something without getting arrested doesn’t mean you should say it.

I also see people say dumb stuff and then end it with “just saying,” like that somehow mitigates it. Hate speech is still hate speech, no matter how you wrap up your crap sentence. Especially when the phrase you’re uttering means literally nothing, as “just saying” does. I know what you’re doing, you’re doing it. Now stop.

You’ll notice these kinds of things always come from a place of privilege, too. These are the people who think equality and political correctness are funny, because they’ve never been the butt of a joke themselves. That’s why phrases like “reverse racism” and “reverse sexism” exist – they assume there’s a proper direction for hatred to flow.

The fact is “PC” is like “SJW” in that when you actually say the words, it sounds pretty much like a good idea. Social Justice Warrior sounds like the best kind of warrior to be. It’d be nice to be correct, politically or otherwise. It’s often used as a pejorative, but the fact is there really is nothing wrong with choosing your words to offend the lowest possible number of listeners. Offend no one, challenge every one, that’s what I always say. Starting now.

You’ll also catch people treating their hatred as if it’s a heroic action. “Someone had to say it,” they’ll say, but the fact is no one did. The devil has plenty of advocates. And it’s not about “having a sense of humor” either. You try getting murdered and marginalized for the entirety of human history and see how funny that feels. I get that humor has to stretch boundaries, but maybe let’s not make people feel worthless, huh?

It’s not hard.

I’m just sayin’


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