James’ life is falling apart at the seams. As he comes closer to dreaded adult-hood, his dreams start to shift into nightmares and leak into what he thought was the real world. His sister is dead, they say she killed herself, and he needs to know why. He needs to know if things will ever be okay again.

But every question leads to more questions. Nobody will talk to him, claiming they are protecting him, though he knows, he knows he is not safe from the dripping blackness, the emptiness that leaks through his walls, ceilings, and dreams. He has to do things that a good boy would never do, tell lies, run away, sneak around, until he can find something that can protect him from the nameless thing that grown-ups all fear. The faceless monster under every bed, behind every closet. The truth.

An exploration of the nightmare-world of childhood and the nightmare realization that the world is not as you believed it to be, Sparagmos, complete at approximately 25,000 words, is literary horror for adults and mature young adults. It is currently on submission.


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