The Blood Between the Teeth

My publishing debut, a horror novelette called “The Blood Between the Teeth,” is in this anthology called “Tales Told in the Dark” as part of the Nine Tales series by Bride of Chaos publishing. I wrote about it in a blog post near identical to this.

I totally recommend buying it!

What I’m not sure about is whether I want you to read it. I mean, of course I do, since writing is for reading and I’m proud of this work and I’m very excited about the story. It’s really very good.

Being honest, what I’m not sure about is you… See, this story’s pretty gross. It’s very weird, and super violent, and hopefully very scary. Even if it’s not scary, I can guarantee it’s at least a bit disturbing. I wrote it because I needed it out of my head, not necessarily because I needed it out in the world.

But I figure that even if you’re not going to read this story, I can at least tell you a little about it here.

Like most stories, this one has another story behind it.

I wrote it up on Tumblr at one point, so I’ll synopsize here.

Once, while walking to my car in the dark, a stranger started walking toward me and I screamed. I screamed and screamed and screamed, just completely panicking. Something in him or in me made me completely afraid, like an animal, and I was literally paralyzed by fear. Nothing happened, he walked past, but I spent weeks after that shaking.

This was years ago, and I was going through a lot at the time. It might have just been nerves or whatever, but I still wonder what I saw in him that scared me so completely. I still wonder what he really was.

He narrates “The Blood Between the Teeth.” It’s a story about what I must have believed he was, and how he must have gotten that way. The event in question actually does happen in the story, but it’s not even remotely what the story became about.

In the end, “The Blood Between the Teeth” is really just about violence: what it is, why we do it, and what it does to us. It’s just questions, mostly. If it had answers, it wouldn’t be a horror story.

In fact, if it had answers it would be an action movie or a video game. Most action scenarios would be proper horrifying with the right perspective, or even with eyes opened wide enough. It’s a thin line, and I hope I crossed it here.

If all that interests you, you should go ahead and read the story. If you have the stomach for it, you’ll have a disturbingly good time.

So go do that now.


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