The Impossible Agnes Queen

Agnes Queen is not a mad scientist, but she’s getting madder by the minute.

She built her happiness machine to help her endure middle school’s pointless humiliations and her mother’s long absence, but her uncle’s motorcycle gang went and stole her work clean away. She can’t allow that: if they turn it on, the machine’s horribly hypnotic side effects could turn her entire podunk town into a mindless, obedient little ray of sunshine.

When her attempt to steal back the device draws the attention of mysterious men in black, Agnes lands in the middle of a war between them and far stranger mysteries – ragged people that seem capable of magic, their grotesque alien benefactors, and a half-mechanical huntress that looks for all the world like her long-lost mother. And they’d all just kill for the power that happiness can bring.

Agnes’s logical universe is falling apart, but her father says to let things lie – he says she’ll just get hurt, that she can’t make a difference. The feds, the police, the magicians and monsters, they all figure she’s out of her depth. That she’s just a child.

But she’ll show them.

She’ll gear up, get inventing, and show them all.

THE IMPOSSIBLE AGNES QUEEN is an MG Fantasy complete at 70,000 words.

Driven Press plans to publish by the end of 2015.


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